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Growing up, Kenyatta’s mother worked as a mortgage loan officer for one of the largest mortgage lenders in the country. She was not only a top producer in one of the highest-ranking branches in Southern California, but she was the first woman in the area to win an award for originating over a million dollars of business in one month. As a teenager, she taught Kenyatta how to calculate income, read credit reports and to be an ultimate competitor. Kenyatta’s father was happy to work tirelessly as a truck driver and highly esteemed his opportunity to provide for his family. They both loved working and instilled diligence, integrity and the importance of taking care of people in Kenyatta at a very young age. 15 years ago, Kenyatta helped his first client finance their home. Since then, Kenyatta has assisted hundreds of families and transacted well over 100 million dollars in mortgage loans and real estate transactions. He has worked as a Top Producer, Team Leader, Branch Manager, and in his current position as a Mortgage Broker. His clientele includes celebrities, legendary musicians, professional athletes(NBA, NFL), doctors, business owners, medical and educational employees, customer service representatives and more. Kenyatta works with a vast network of professionals nationwide including architects, attorneys, financial advisors, realtors, banks, contractors, designers, investors, insurance professionals and others. Kenyatta’s success is attributed to his unwavering focus to serve individuals. Regardless of who he’s working with, Kenyatta provides the best service and experience possible. Each client is treated with unique care and attention. He takes business very personally and is determined to go above and beyond for his clients, his partners and his staff. Kenyatta is constantly turning the "Rubik’s cube" to find new and innovative ways to place his clients in prime position.

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